We are an exciting and motivated performing arts academy that has been growing steadily over recent years.  Friendly and caring, we are proud of providing excellent training for our students.  Our highly trained teachers will also ensure that there is lots of fun to be had!  Visit our lovely team here


Dance Attire

All children must bring certain items and wear appropriate dance attire whilst attending Lumieres.  Please see the list below: 

refillable water bottle
packed snack/lunch (not too much please)
notebook and pen(s)
comfortable black jazz shoes
comfortable black leggings/jazz pants
comfortable dance top/leotard (can be worn under outdoor clothes)
any medication which may be required (please inform a member of staff)

If you do not have the required dance clothes as listed above, and you wish Lumieres to provide them (10% discount), please contact us here to provide details and sizes.  If you wish to buy alternatives (not from a dancewear shop), please ensure that the clothes are of a good quality and can withstand lots of movement.


Lumieres Behaviours

Whilst we all want to come along and have lots of fun as we learn incredible things, we also must make sure that everyone is safe and happy.  We expect everyone to behave accordingly whilst they are Lumieres, as below:

To respect yourself and others, including other students’ families and Lumieres teachers.
To show commitment in attending Lumieres, especially around shows and showcases – absent students may cause problems for the final production.
To work hard at achieving all your dreams and ambitions.
To find enjoyment in acquiring new skills and abilities
To h
elp and support your friends.